Aug 1, 2018

Mobile commerce is taking off in Spain


Here are some facts from a recent article about the Online Commerce in general:


Spain is the fourth largest B2C eCommerce market in the EU with a growth of 8% to a €28 billion in online sales for 2017. Top product categories in 2017 were Travel and Hotel, Direct marketing, Ticket services, Electronics, Clothing and Food.


For 2018 approximately 23 million eCommerce users are estimated to be joined by an additional 5.6 million digital shoppers by 2021.


Android smartphones totally dominate the Spanish market with the Google platform having about 90% of the market.


Spain is considered to have one of the largest smartphone penetration rates in Europe with 65%, projected to grow to 73% by 2021.


Spain is the market where mobile devices have the the highest shares of internet use during 2018, with 81%, followed by Italy (78%), China and the US (each at 77%) and India (73%).


Read the full article here:



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