Aug 1, 2018

How receptive is the market following the recession?


In a recent article we outline 3 strong signs of economic health:


1. Well-balanced and growing overall economy

Strictly GDP speaking, the growth forecast for Spain is +2,7% for this year, above average GDP growth 2018 for the Euro area (+2,4%), while still taking into account the ongoing political crisis in Catalonia.


2. Tough times fostered resilient entrepreneurship

According to a recent report from the Mobile World Capital, there were 3.258 startups in Spain last year, a growth of 20% from 2016.


3. Maturing startup scene got a 45% increase in investment

Investment in Spanish tech-companies grew by 45% year on year and topped 779,3 million euros in 2017, bringing them very much in line with the major tech hubs in Europe.


The degree of specialization and the startups’ maturity mean that the average investment has doubled and each time we are seeing more important investment rounds in Spain.


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