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Circularity Champions in Spain, 5 startups pushing a circular economy

Updated: Jan 23

From the top left: Patricia Astrain, recircular, Carlos Uraga, Nantek, Amaia Rodríguez Sola & Julen Rodriguez, Gravity Wave, Nuria Escudero Perez, PackBenefit, Paula Sánchez Collado, Cocircular.

"No one can do everything but everyone can do something"

Just like you I have been bombarded with loom and gloom messages about the energy crisis this summer, while spending time in both Sweden and in Spain. It's for real. I recognize that.

In Spain, there have been multiple heat waves since early June while urging people to reduce usage of air conditioning. In Sweden, the temperature was pleasant but the concern about how to keep your home warm during the winter months, is already on everyone's lips.

Instead of playing the blame game, we can turn on a more conscious mindset of our daily habits that waste more resources than most of us are aware of. Personally, I get a cold from air conditioning and prefer to use a portable fan anyway. I also love to walk everywhere and don't own a car. BUT those tweaks are not for everyone.

With some creativity we can all start by improving our collective habits with just 1% every day and increasingly challenge ourselves on ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. These Spanish startups are helping us do just that, pushing a circular economy.

Patricia Astrain, founder & CEO, recircular

Patricia Astrain, Founder & CEO, recircular (LinkedIn profile image)

Patricia Astrain is the founder and CEO of recircular based in the Basque Country. This Spanish startup claims to be the first digital B2B marketplace in Spain for waste, by-products or excess production, making it possible to resell what is waste for one company as valued raw material for another company.

The message to the seller on their marketplace is that it's possible to enter information about any type of waste, by-product or excess production, then an algorithm will suggest potential companies that could make use of these items and give them second lives.

From studies in Chemical Engineering, getting her masters degree in Refining, Gas and Marketing, she worked at a refinery in Spain and then as a factory manager in China, before returning to Spain again to start recircular.

"I have been devoted to recircular and the circular economy for more than 5 years now and our focus at recircular is to help companies get value (economic, environmenta