Meet and Greet video channel, free of charge for startups expanding to Spain

Updated: Mar 30

This NEW Meet and Greet video channel, free of charge for global startups interested in Spain, is not really ready to be launched. Considering good Marketing practice, it needs to be loaded with lots of content before. But in these extraordinary non-travel and isolation times, the most nimble and flexible companies can add value, so here we go!

Meaningful exposure to Spain's startup ecosystem

The intention is to provide global startups looking to expand into Spain (and LATAM), with meaningful exposure to Spain's startup ecosystem, via short Video introductions.

My vision is to help ignite cross-border, strategic and creative partnerships in the global innovation ecosystem.

Still very much in pre-beta phase, I have been collecting feed-back from clever fellow entrepreneurs and advisors for some time. To then launch around end of March/April, provided I could collect enough short, quality videos from international startups interested in getting visibility in Spain's startup ecosystem. But then something else happened.

With the Corona virus spreading all over the world it is - as we are all sadly aware of - highly advised to avoid going on any type of business travels right now. In the very recent days, my advisors - part from (luckily) saying that it is a great idea with the video channel - have also pointed out that it is an especially good idea to launch it now. So that's what I'm doing!

TechCrunch also writes that "for many remote-friendly venture capitalists, making deals remotely is business as usual." They interviewed Kate Brodock, founding partner, W Fund, who warned investors to not “devalue the process" and says:

“In-person is always ideal, but video still allows you to get a close-to-complete sense of the person in front of you — everything from facial expressions to body language to how they organize their desk. Making meaningful and informative connections through video is entirely possible.”

Letting the startup founders do it themselves

Learning that most startup founders and the highly skilled C-level people they recruit, tend to want to do everything themselves and also have their own international network, I found myself feeling forced to change the direction of Expand To Spain.

Why I'm now re-directing the agency, from being a pure management consultancy, to also allow for the platform to do exactly that: Let the founders and Startup CEO's do it themselves! And free of charge to them.

NOTE: This is not another generic directory, scraping data from the likes of Crunchbase. These types of data bases of course have their purpose but - as many of my startup founder friends have pointed out - don't always make sure that the people specific data is updated.

First video uploaded..

First out is WeRoad, a Traveltech, connecting small groups (between 8 and 15) of people and experiences through tailor-made trips, depending on the tastes and interests of the group.

WeRoad was born in Italy in 2017 and after two years of success with more than 12,000 WeRoaders traveling around the world, they are expanding into Spain.

"We are looking for value-adding collaborations for our community. Currently in Spain, we are working with travel related startups TropicFeel (sneakers), Holafly (roaming cards) and are open to all creative, cross-vertical ideas!",

Says Spain's Country Manager for WeRoad, Iñigo Balbin Aramendi.

FAQ about the NEW Global startups Meet and Greet video channel:

Why: For international startups to introduce themselves via video, as a Qualifier to open up for more in-depth meetings, on- and offline, with potential strategic partners.

What: Short, structured and scripted video intros (1:30 min), giving viewers an idea for potential strategic partnerships BEFORE setting up additional meetings.

How: Follow these instructions. The approved videos will be featured in the Video Gallery.

Price: Completely Free of charge to send in videos and also to watch the Global startups Meet and Greet videos in the Video gallery on the website.

Traffic: For February the Expand To Spain site reached 1,3 K unique visitors* and is growing at 70% MoM. *Please be gentle, it's about quality traffic, not quantity. ;)

Demographics: 60% Spain/40% worldwide investors, Business dev. people and Product owners being into the startup world.

Interested in being part of this NEW channel? Send an email:

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