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Expand To Spain™️ is a strategic advisor, a sounding board as a service, for global business developers interested in Spain. It is also a knowledge platform in English to facilitate potential partnerships between Spain's blossoming innovation ecosystem and international stakeholders looking for opportunities to grow in Spain. 


The team is uniquely placed to offer on-the ground advice to global business developers, investors and other stake holders as input to a go-to-market strategy.

A 30 minute, introductory call is complimentary. Just send an email and we'll set it up. 

specific services:


introductions/local representation 

If you are new to the Spanish business scene, you should be aware of the importance of understanding the relational culture (as opposed to the transactional culture) when doing business. We will support in introducing you to the relevant people and/or represent you in the first meetings in Spanish and English, providing valuable insights into a winning Go-To-Market strategy. Sad to miss out on the meeting dynamics? Don't worry, we'll bring you via a video link. 


Market Intelligence 

Do you need a brief basis for decision to expand into Spain? Or do you have additional questions such as the market rules for your specific sector? To verify that your market assumptions are correct before allocating resources. And remember, Spain has 17 autonomous regions, all operating differently.  

partnership search

Do you want to find local partners for your brand activation? Or are you on the look-out for local investors, service providers or distribution partners? 

We will identify and introduce you to strategic partners matching your descriptions and needs, for long-term success in the Spanish market.  

Alexandra Treschow-Aprovix.jpeg

"I joined by video link with Caroline physically present with 3 other people. Simultaneously leading the meeting in Spanish and English, she was excellent at detecting and adapting to subtle positive and negative feedback. Thanks to her experience in Business Development and in the Spanish culture we made huge progress in tweaking our local offering, in just a one-hour meeting!"

- Alexandra De Wever Treschow, CEO Aprovix



We are vertical agnostic but don't hide the fact that we are especially passionate about DeepTech, eager to support within #Cleantech, #Agritech, #Healthtech, #Edutech, #Smartcities.