PREMIUM: 6 soon-to-become unicorns from Spain

Updated: Jul 2

- being acquired no longer the only exit-option?

Credit: Ariana Suárez & Rotiv Artic on Unsplash

"Spain + unicorn", this site gets a lot of traffic from people searching for that combination, maybe because they are unsure if Spanish unicorns indeed exist. Or, maybe because they have understood that Spain's tech startup and innovation ecosystem is now increasingly generating these types of elevated and magical valuations, compared to only a decade ago.

As we all know, the unicorn title is the reward for obtaining a valuation tag of over $1 billion. A term first coined by a venture capitalist in Palo Alto, California. For Spanish startup founders however, these valuations have been virtually impossible to obtain because of the lack of substantial, risk-willing capital from the home market to nurture unicorn ambitions. Forcing them to make every euro count, company building in the most cost-efficient way.

Foreign corporate acquisition only exit-option

The exit options for highly valued tech-co