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Why global tech talent will choose Spain as their base camp in 2022, (not just the digital nomads)

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

In this new era of hybrid working, with tech companies taking on increasingly complex challenges, the physical surroundings need to provide the employee with solid support. One definition of a base camp is "a staging area used by mountaineers to prepare for a climb", (Wikipedia). I think that is a suitable description for the kind of physical place that, when optimized for overall well-being, will win the hearts and minds of the global, elusive, "work-from-anywhere" tech talent.

Old town in Calp, Alicante in the Valencia region, Spain, photo by Sam Williams on Unsplash.

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As the future unfolds, we will most probably see employers offer many more work-sites, in various cities and legally compliant countries, to be more competitive. And this possibility for deeper personal growth in a foreign country will enhance the attraction factor for any job ad.

5 main reasons why more global tech talent will choose Spain as their base camp in 2022:

To check my assumptions before writing this, I had a chat with Spanish native José M. Perez, who has recently returned to Alicante, in the Valencia region. He has spent 10 years in Stockholm, in leading roles as a Software Engineer, for both Spotify and Facebook.

Tech talent demands remote work, and they can fairly easily move country

All the results from surveys, across the globe, point to the tough fact that employers looking for tech talent have no choice than to warmly embrace 85% of hours being remote work. Or, in some cases, even having to permit remote 100% of the work-time, to keep them around.

This sudden location-flexibility for the most sought-after tech employees affects Spanish CEOs of tech companies as well. Jaime Bosch, CEO, Voicemod shared why in a panel called "Key insights on going from startup to scaleup in Spain" at South Summit 2021: