Valencia is the place to set up a Spanish office, 4 reasons

Updated: Jun 1

- High living-standard is a deal-breaker.

Valencia city, with about 1 million citizens, also offers all-year sunshine, stability and safety.

Valencia, Spain's third biggest city, proves to be ideal for startup founders and other businesses ready to expand internationally. All 4 key factors are in place:

1. Access to tech and creative talent. 2. Ease and cost of doing business. 3. Access to capital. 4. Superior quality of life with all-year sunshine, stability and safety.


  • May 2021: Founded in Valencia by Iker Marcaide in 2009, Fintech Flywire lists on Nasdaq as the very first made in Spain, tech company, valued at $3.39 billion.

  • April 2021: The Viva Technology list, including startups from 19 European countries, nominated Valencia-based Codigames as 1 of 6 potential unicorns from Spain.

  • February 2021: Based on life expectancy, the cost to be healthy, air pollution, obesity rates, safety and sunlight hours, Valencia is declared the healthiest city in the world.

  • December 2020: "Valencia, the great promise of innovation", declared by Francisco Polo, High Commissioner of Spain for an Entrepreneurial Nation, at his longer visit.

  • October 2020: In Q3, Valencia raised 29.43M€, continuing to grow its third place in Spain's startup ecosystem, after Madrid 148,01M€ and Barcelona 50,73M€.

  • September 2020: Valencia is one of the 6 remaining finalists for the iCapital title. The winner is announced on September 24 at the European Research and Innovation Days.

  • August 2020: The EU Commission announced Valencia as one of the 12 finalists to compete for the honor to be named European Capital of Innovation 2020.

  • July 2020: Programming light in an affordable and scalable way got iPronics named as a spinoff to watch worldwide by the journal Nature Research, out of 44 selected.

  • Feb 2020: According to the Spanish Research Institute, the Valencia startup hub is the fastest growing startup ecosystem in Spain, and with the most startups per capita.

  • Nov 2019: Numbers announced at the VLC Digital Summit: Employment generated by the now 900+ startups exceeds 4,500 people, an increase of 125% (from 2018).

  • Oct 2019: Streamloots, founded in Valencia, Startup Competition Winner of South Summit 2019, selected out of 100 nominated startups in 10 competing verticals.

  • Sep 2019: Named World Design Capital® (WDC) 2022 and chosen by Groupon as base for their global center for Operations.