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Unicornesses to-be; Spanish unicorn candidates with female tech founders

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

"It is very difficult to want to be what is not seen", says Andrea Barber, co-founder of RatedPower in an interview. That is so true. This is not another depressive article about how little of the total venture capital in the world goes to female entrepreneurs. Instead, my intention is to highlight amazing Spanish women in tech, having managed to raise substantial capital so that their examples can inspire more women worldwide to follow suit. Money talks. Keep on reading for this data.

Veronica Pascual, CEO of ASTI Robotics, Rebeca Minguela, founder of Clarity AI, Andrea Barber, co-founder of RatedPower. Montage of LinkedIn profiles, (except for the added unicorn horn naturally. ;)

Building (Su)unicorns = Sustainable Unicorns

We need a powerful name for the future unicorns that are building real wealth, in pure monetary terms, and in parallel building sustainable impact for this one planet that we all share. I hereby coin Suunicorns = Sustainable unicorns possessing an especially green heart.

For more of these crucial-for-humankind, innovative tech startups to be built, I am convinced that we need to showcase the value of the feminine touch in business, of course side-by-side with the equally brilliant men in a gender diverse team.

For Spain's thriving tech ecosystem, there have been many predictions made lately about future unicorns. In the case of Clarity, the ones in-the-know all seem to be unanimous in dubbing it a unicorn by 2023. As of September 2021, the founder Rebeca Minguela and her team achieved a valuation of 400 million euros, from a total investment of 73 million euros.

As for the future unicorness-status for a company founded by Veronica Pascual, today CEO of ASTI Robotics, and for RatedPower, co-founded by Andrea Barber, you might need some more convincing. Let me elaborate.

Unicorn guessing-game in Spanish media

Analyzing search traffic, the most popular words for this site ( are by far "spanish unicorns". There is so much more to share with the world in terms of innovation taking place in Spain. But since the, slightly obsessive, identification of Spanish unicorns means the ability to attract A LOT of more money to the ecosystem, I will continue to share these rainbowy nuggets of information with you.

In fact, I am taking some credit for the influx of unicorn guesses in Spanish social media after posting this in Expand To Spain's feed on Jan 12:

"My (Spanish) candidates for Unicorn status are:

Factorial HR, CARTO, Paack, Clikalia, Belvo, Capchase, TravelPerk, Exoticca, Clarity AI, Wallapop, Typeform, Cobee, Abacum."

- Miguel Arias, an active Business Angel investing in Internet based start-ups in Spain, in his predictions (in Spanish) for 2022 here."

A few days after this post had gone completely viral there were a plethora of predictions from local investors in Spanish media.