discover opportunities to grow to and from spain.

what and how?

Services to grow your startup/scaleup:

  • On-the-ground Research/Market Intelligence.

  • Project management for initial pilots/city.

  • Creation of local, strategic partnerships.

  • Creation of digital content for local audiences.


As easy as 1, 2, 3:

 1. You let us know how to best reach you.

 2. We do a FREE 30 min. call to understand your needs.

 3. We send you a cost proposal depending on the scope.

key benefits:

  • Locally produced knowledge of market potential 

  • Instant access to local key players in your vertical

  • Trusted partner on-site, saving Management time

WHY work with us? 
  • The team has 15+ years from International Business Development

  • In the Entrepreneurial hub Valencia, easy access to Madrid and Barcelona

  • International experience from Corporates and the Tech Startup community

  • Extensive network in Spain, especially in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

let's start talking!

Calle Salamanca 16 

46005 Valencia, Spain​​


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