for a smoother expansion to Spain.


The Why

The mission with Expand To Spain™️ is to attract international capital, companies and talent to Spain. I, Caroline Lagergren, behind the project, believe there is so much potential to unlock through cross-border partnerships but the limited amount of online resources in English prevents many, otherwise interested parties, from finding out about it.


I have had the passion and the time to deep-dive into Spain’s innovation ecosystem over the last years and have watched the evolution of the digital economy firsthand. There is a growing interest to learn about this space from an international perspective. I’m from Sweden myself, with a Latin soul from my Mexican great-grandmother.


To facilitate for the non-Spanish speaker, I have made this report of 20 insights to provide a comprehensive overview in English. It contains much translated data from Spanish media and names of important players (startup founders, investors, accelerators and over-all influential people) are mentioned in a context that you are more likely to remember, and can use as a reference in your own investigation.