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Learn about Spain's innovation ecosystem

Are you intrigued by what is going on in Spain when it comes to the innovation ecosystem, the up-and-coming startups, the tech talent and the country's progress within the digital economy? 
Expand To Spain™️ acts as a knowledge platform in English. 


The Why

Out of pure interest and passion, I Caroline Lagergren, started back in 2018 to deep-dive into Spain’s innovation ecosystem, by studying news in Spanish and carefully observing what the key players on social media were talking about.

I am born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and have a Mexican great grandmother. In addition to many years in Spain, I have lived in France and in the US and have worked hand in hand with people in Italy, France, Singapore, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Germany. 


Throughout this exciting journey, I have received many messages from all over the world, including from Spanish people living abroad, confirming the interest to learn about this space, from an international perspective.

Although there is a steady increase, the limited amount of online resources in English on these subjects, still prevents potential stakeholders from finding out about it.


What started as a passion project, going through many pivots to becoming a Consultancy agency, is now a side project once again. I intend to still keep up the writing of insights on Spain's innovation ecosystem.


Ideas for business collaborations? Send me an email and tell me more!

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